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About ChinaDotMan

Established in 2000, ChinaDotMan Co. Ltd. is a software developer and systems integrator for the telecommunications, mobile and data communications sectors. ChinaDotMan combines mature network, communications and software technologies to develop all kinds of practical and beneficial wireless content and application services for end users. ChinaDotMan (9588.com), with more than 7 million registered users, is one of China's leading virtual payments and wireless value-added services companies and was the first Internet Service Provider to provide WAP based content.

As one of China's first application solution providers for wireless Internet, ChinaDotMan is committed to developing the wireless Internet sector and concentrates on integrating applications for the wireless Internet and the traditional wired Internet.

2) E-tickets
ChinaDotMan is the first Chinese company to provide on-line and mobile access to electronic air ticket purchase in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ChinaDotMan's unique e-ticketing service enables consumers to browse and book air tickets from anywhere at anytime using cell phones or the Internet.

3) Monca Digital Marketplace
ChinaDotMan provides consumers and businesses a convenient and secure online platform for buying and selling. ChinaDotMan provides businesses with fully unified customer service, account settlement and on-line sales service.

4) Monca Payments
ChinaDotMan's mobile platform not only serves end-users, it also provides value-added providers with an economical and convenient 3rd party platform. It is China's first economical, convenient, secure and dependable 3rd party payment system that supports mobile payments and e-money.

Monca payments is China's earliest and largest intermediary service payment platform supporting e-money, mobile payments and bank card payments.

ChinaDotMan has established strong links and excellent working relationships with the telecommunications carriers and banks, enabling us to provide users with the most complete payment methods and safest payment process.

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